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    Russian Beauty Suffering From Alopecia Now Has Stunning Long Hair

    This Russian woman revealed that she has not always had these beautiful flowing locks after confessing she used to suffer from the alopecia. Anastasiya Sidorova now shows enviable locks at the age of 23 but has recently announced how she suffered from baldness as early as the age of 18. Such has been the extent […] More

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    The Street Library In Bulgaria Motivates People To Read Books

    “Rapana” is the first street library in Varna, Bulgaria and it was build by a team of young architects and designers. Nowadays young people’s lives are entirely focused around the digital gadgets and this decreases the popularity of books among the people. A team of architects and designers (Yuzdzhan Turgaev, Boyan Simeonov, Ibrim Asanov and […] More

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    Scientists from the Russian nuclear research facility, arrested for mining bitcoin

    Researchers that are working at one of Russia’s most secret nuclear offices have been captured by state police for professedly attempting to utilize the site’s powerful research PCs to mine bitcoins. The suspects had tried to implement internet network on one powerful research computer that was not supposed to be connected to the network. That […] More

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    There is new proof that working eight hours a day is a bad idea

    Work sucks sometimes. Even if you love your job, there are always going to be days when you keep glancing at the clock, willing the hours and minutes away, or mornings where you wake up and feel that you’d rather do anything – anything in the whole wide world – than drag yourself into your […] More

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