A Robot That Will Give You Nightmares – Designed by Tim Lewis

If you went to the incredibly innovative Kinetica Art Fair this year, you may have seen Tim Lewis’s bird-like robots.

One month on and he’s rightly been given a considerably larger place to fill at Flowers in Hoxton. Lewis designs and programs moving sculptures to carry out procedures varying from a simple back and forth movement, to the kiwi robot that recognizes and picks up foam cylinders by stabbing at them with its sharp beak.

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All of Lewis’s designs have an industrial touch as if they’ve been constructed in someone’s garage. This combined with the ability to see the workings inside his sculptures, gives them a unusual charm and personality that a plastic covered sterile robot wouldn’t be able to achieve.

The creations are all technically awesome but it’s their surreal and strange features that make them special. There is something Dali-esque about a mechanical emu that has opera gloves where its feet and neck should be.

Tim Lewis is a designer whose creations you can admire for both their technical ability and his creative vision.

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