Appealing Flower Lamps That Will Change Your Home Into A Magic Forest

These glowing houseplants add fresh ambiance to any space. Designed by Marde Fe, they combine the natural elegance of nature with the magic of LED lighting. And they’re much easier to keep up with than a normal houseplant.

“As an industrial designer, botany has always fascinated and inspired me,” Fe says. “Nothing is designed as meticulously as nature. This is what makes it so beautiful.”

“Powered by LED, the acrylic leafs conduct the light through the engraved veins all the way from the base to the top of the plant, emanating a soft green light into the living space. You can see the intricate details on the leaves when the plants glow at night.”

Each lamp plant is unique, since every leaf is bent individually to create an organic form that is one of a kind, just like in nature.

The best part of these glowing plants? They don’t require water, sunlight, or potting soil. No matter how poor your gardening skills, can’t kill these plants.

Check out Marde Fe’s Etsy shop for more details.


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