Arcade Cabinets Are Getting Popular Again

The older generation might recall the great old days when we played Mario, Street Fighter, Cadillacs, Pang and other popular games on those big wooden cabinets with handles and huge colorful buttons. Every day I would’ve wait in front of the local gaming place to open so I can sit on my favorite game “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World 930201)”. My grandfather used to give me money for food but I was spending every cent on playing this games. Then we organized contests and competitions so the loosing team would pay for all the hours we spent at the gaming place.

Those were the golden years in my life and when I remember them I am still smiling and feeling joyful. When computers came out, a lot of new opportunities were available. After a while, the MAME emulator was developed that was able to emulate all of the games in their original ROM files. I was so happy that finally I will be able to save and play my favorite once on a single DVD.

Some MAME fans went a step further and began constructing amazing cabinets completely with integrated modern PCs, handles and buttons and installed Mame emulators with thousands of old games that you can choose from. Now I’m thinking doing the same, only if I could find a little free time. Anyway, this is my next project for sure.

On the following pictures you can check out some of the greatest creations by MAME fans all over the world.

This one is my favorite. it even has a small bar in it πŸ˜€

What do you think? Would you build one for your man-cave?

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