Instagram will be developing better pictures and videos protection

As we already know the social media giant Instagram is not allowing for you to download content from their web-page. That includes video and pictures. How many times you’ve scrolled through the pictures of someone’s profile and you tried to save the picture or video to your PC, but as soon as you right click, you’ll find that there is no popup menu to save the media file to your computer.

Now there are other manual alternatives to find the source of the picture, like opening the code of the web-page and looking for the location, but all of that takes to much time and energy to finish. Imagine you have to download over 50 media files and you start looking for the image in the code for every single picture or video. That would take hour and hours of hard labor.

That’s why a lot of sites pooped up to tackle this problem. For example BinGrab allows you to download any picture or video from any Instagram profile in just two click. Beside Instagram they also allow you to download media from Facebook too. Many times you would like to download the video from some Facebook profile page, but soon you’ll find out that there is no easy option or way to do that.

Instagram knows about these online tools like BinGrab so they are now now thinking a way to protect their data even more. We are not sure what would they accomplish but there is always a way to snap the picture to your PC or phone. At the end of the day you can always just take a simple screenshot and save the file to your computer.

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