Japan Set To Build World’s Tallest Skyscraper Completely Made From Wood

The world’s tallest wooden tower is set to be constructed in Tokyo. Can you believe it, wood? (Ahemmm).

Sumitomo Forestry Co is thinking to construct a 1,148ft (350 meter), 70-floor skyscraper to celebrate its 350th anniversary in 2041.

The wood products business has said the new tower, known as W350 Project, would be an archetype of ‘urban advancement that is kind for humans’, the Guardian reports.

The Japanese administration has previously announced about the benefits of buildings made from wood and in 2010 actually presented a law, making it a necessity for all public towers of up to three floors to be completely made out of wooden materials.

Speaking about the ambitious views, the firm responsible for the project said in a press release: “Under this concept, greenery on the earth will contribute to buildings and cities, making over cities as forests.”

“Buildings that are full of greenery will form a network that is linked to the biosphere of living creatures such as wild birds and insects, contributing to the biodiversity of cities.”

Ten percent of the skyscraper will be constructed out of steel, together with nearly 200,000 cubic meters of indigenous wood – the interior will be made completely of wood with sufficient accommodation for approximately 8,000 homes, and there will also be stores and office space.

The tower will have terraces on all four sides, covered in greenery and trees.

The project is estimated to cost 600 billion yen (£4.02bn / $5.65bn), which is about twice the cost of a ‘standard’ high-rise skyscraper of this proportions. However, the firm has said that the cost will be brought down by ‘technological improvements’ between now and its projected finish date.

Wooden towers aren’t just getting popular in Japan, in the US, the River Beech skyscraper – a 800ft (244m) high-rise – is planned for the bank of the Chicago River.

And over in Canada, a tower – standing at 174ft (53m) in Vancouver – is currently considered to be the tallest wooden building in the world – or at least for now anyway.

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