Korean Illustrator Captures The Beauty Of Falling In Love So Well You Can Almost Feel It

Different people show their love in different ways. Some express their affection through touches, others through words and some through actions.

Hyocheon Jeong is an amazing artist from South Korea, whose works are taking the hearts of Instagram users. She draws cozy, intimate moments of couples’ lives – from walks in the park, to dinners and naps.

The 27-year-old artist uses colours to express the mood of the moment and it varies from pastel tones to bright and loud shades. Most of the time, there are only two people in these illustrations, as if they were the only souls in this world, but from time to time, the artist adds a cat as a cute companion of the couple’s life.

“The sources of my inspiration are always stories of people. Most of them are the stories of me and my boyfriend. I also get my ideas from the conversation with my friends.” – the artist told Bored Panda.

Take a look at these beautiful images and vote for the ones that you find the most romantic.

More info: Instagram | grafolio.com

#1 Simply Relaxing Together After Watching A Good Show

Wow this is so stunning! And very relaxing too <3

#2 Sleeping In Your Arms

#3 Appreciating Lovely Home Made Dinners

#4 Feeling Safe In Your Embrace

#5 Strolling Around The Park And Ignoring The Bad Weather

#6 Watching The City Lights

#7 Savouring The Careful Touches

#8 Loving Those Small Kisses

#9 Dancing Through The Night

#10 Experiencing Unexpected Moments Of Passion

#11 Staying For A Moment Longer After A Great Movie

#12 Making Your Hands Warm

#13 Enjoying All Those Gentle Touches

#14 Walking In The Rain And Kissing

#15 Having Breakfast Together

#16 Celebrating All The Holidays Together

#17 Seeing The Romance In Daily Tasks

#18 Kissing In The Rain

#19 Living Our Winter Wonderland

#20 Having A Warm Bubble Bath

#21 Capturing The Simple Moments

#22 Stargazing

#23 Kissing In The City Of Love

#24 Kissing Under The Stars

#25 Working On Our Home Together

#26 Loving The Vacations Together

#27 Sharing A Dessert

#28 Gazing Into Each Others Eyes Under Sakuras

#29 Sitting Together In The Rain

#30 Appreciating Our Date Nights

#31 Enjoying Beautiful Evenings

#32 Spending Time Together In The Streets

#33 Feeling The Love

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