Man Buys Old Ambulance On eBay And Transforms It Into Small Mobile Home To Travel The World

Almost all of us have imagined about hitting the open road to travel the world.

Most people can’t live everything, transform an old car into a dream camper, and go on with the road trip of their life, but the perfect of nomadic life in your personal traveling little home is fairly romantic.

It’s even more appealing when you take a look of the lifestyles of people who have discovered a method to make it functional.

For example, Ian Dow, who’s known by name “Ianternational” on Reddit, has discovered a method to hit the road with his home in tow, all thanks to a smart eBay purchase.

The previously California-based road tripper bought an worn medic-vehicle online and transformed it into a trailer to go everywhere he wants.

The one thing more admirable than some of the beautiful breathtaking views Ian is getting in his transformed ambulance is the truck itself.

Ian showed this image of his transformed ambulance with the following quote:

I bought an ambulance from eBay, turned it into my home then started driving south. Just entered Costa Rica today.

The look on the interior might not be somewhat as awesome as the wealthy coast of Costa Rica, but you can see how comfortably Ian is living abroad.

This isn’t just any transformed vehicle. Ian equipped the ambulance with teak floors.
Most static kitchens don’t even have floors this good!

Ian lives on the road with his lovable pooch, Dino.
There’s just enough space in the transformed van for a man and his best friend to live comfortably!

In case you were wondering, his dog is also living the life. This is photo of Dino going for a dip in El Salvador.

Amazingly, the vehicle can support its own when off-roading on rough terrains.
This picture was shoot in El Salvador, where Ian was traveling before he went to Costa Rica.

Inside, the van is very closely packed, but well laid out. It must be awesome to have all you need within arm’s reach!

And when accommodation get a little limited, it’s great to know that the van is rigged with a tiny roof platform, complete with an umbrella!

Fascinated with this awesome lifestyle? You start following Ian and Dino’s adventures on Instagram!

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