Photographer Affected by Horrible Insomnia Takes Creepy Photos Of Central Park When There’s No one

When you think of Central Park, the first thoughts that pop up to your mind are most likely huge groups of people and pleasant sunshine. New Jersey, local photographer Michael Massaia, nevertheless, stays up all night to be certain he takes views of the popular central-park that few ever witness, and his pictures are positively creepy.

Back in 2007, Massaia got struck by a deep insomnia.

I sometimes go through long periods of time where I can’t sleep… I would go for long walks…

he said to ND Magazine. Anyway, instead of looking for drugs or cure, he decided to do something creative with his lucid nights; he started taking pictures of the beautiful landscapes he came across in big format, implementing the dawn’s faint light as his only illumination. Living close to New York, his night walks finally led him to the Central Park, where he took pictures a number of times between 2008 and 2014.

The park appears to go through a period of metamorphosis during those late night/early morning hours, and I was determined to capture it…

he wrote on his official website. Taken on black and white film, Massaia’s pictures really present the Central Park like most of the world has never seen before – empty, cut off, and frightening. Check out below to see every eerie photo and its location in the park.

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