Russian Nuclear Command Rooms Look Like They’re Straight Out Of This World

Are you in the mood for a vintage futurism? This compilation of Soviet command chambers should do the trick.

Full of huge computers and Star Trek-esque chairs, these command chambers were the main brain of nuclear power facilities, control towers, and other similar things. In the old days, when the Russian Federation looked toward a bright and delightful future, these rooms incorporated the very best of technological progress.

Here, workers spent their entire days processing feedback or carrying out important tasks vital to power production.

Although the computers are now greatly obsolete, these old equipment is still horribly aesthetic. The flashing lights and futuristic furniture are everything you could hope for in a USSR control station.

Армения. Пульт управления Мецаморской атомной электростанцией. Фото Мартина Шахбазяна /Фотохроника ТАСС/

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