Yandex presents the first tests of self navigating vehicle on Moscow streets

Russian search and internet provider giant Yandex has been working on its autonomous navigation project, and its most latest accomplishment is a public self-navigation pilot of its self-navigation test vehicle in Moscow, the first such test on public streets in the Russian capital city.

Yandex had an extra degree of complexity to struggle with, too: Their latest testing, which started in December of the last year, involved some days following strong snowfalls, which are hard situations for any autonomous car to drive because of how they obscure street signs and other pointing marks used by optical camera devices, among other challenges.

As we can see, the vehicle dealt with ice, snow, parked cars, traffic and even with pedestrians during the wintery conditions, which is a primal use case that self-driving car technology suppliers will have to clarify before the technology can be widely adopted.

Beyond the snow, Yandex notes that Moscow also provides a terrific test bed for its AVs because of elements including high traffic volume, as well as pedestrian density on top of the fluctuating weather conditions that come to Moscow across seasons.

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